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Welcome to my law office. I focus on civil and criminal appeals.

Have you, or has someone you know, been convicted of a crime?  If so, you should know that you still have options.  The conviction can be challenged on direct appeal and through postconviction proceedings (Rule 3.850 and Rule 3.800 motions in state court and Section 2254 habeas petitions or Section 2255 motions in federal court).

If you are facing serious charges, you should consider planning your criminal appeals and postconviction review during the trial phase.  

I represent clients facing criminal charges in state and federal courts throughout Florida.  I also consult with trial counsel to identify and preserve meritorious issues for appeal and for postconviction review, as well as providing support and representation for sentencing proceedings.  For clients unable or unwilling to proceed with an attorney of record, I offer a variety of professional services, up to and including “ghost writing” filings.

I invite you to learn more about my practice or consult the resources here using the navigation links beneath the pillar in the top-left corner of the page.  To arrange a consultation, please email or call me.


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