For Potential Clients

If you want to know more about my qualifications, go to the Resume page.  

This page is about the values and philosophy of my office.  It is directed primarily towards non-lawyer clients.  You deserve to understand that my approach to my profession is different from most attorneys, and why.  

I appears to me that many lawyers are primarily businesspeople.  They have to spend time marketing, and advertising, and administering, and supervising.  I don’t want to be a businessman.  I want to be a professional.  I practice a profession.  I have a practice.  

My practice is structured accordingly, so that I can spend my time lawyering.  Many of my clients are already in prison, and they wouldn’t appreciate a marble-tiled foyer or friendly receptionist.  To best serve them, I run a low-overhead, no b.s. law practice.  I do my own website, answer my own phones, and make my own coffee.  I want to practice law, not manage employees and send mass mailers.  For me, the practice of law is 95% writing and research, and that’s exactly what I want.  

My approach lets me charge what I need to charge, not the most I possibly can, and I don’t have to take cases I don’t want.  I understand that clients often rely on price as a signal of competence.  To that, I say look beyond to my qualifications, and compare them to the attorneys charging twice as much.  If you really insist, I could always charge you more and install marble...

Most of my other clients are attorneys, who understand how a practice like my works.  They know that my job is about writing briefs and researching, not impressing personal injury clients or intimidating opposing counsel with an expensive conference table.  

Choosing an attorney is an important decision.  Whether you decide to hire me or not — and I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to represent you — I urge you to be alert and focus on substance, not superficial shine.

© Gray Proctor 2016